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This is only the beginning

Today is the day

Bolton Wanderers v Charlton Athletic Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

The day is upon us when the revolution of Bolton Wanderers begins and the nostalgic tint of togetherness recognisable from the Premier League days returns, those distant memories become a prominent focus of when all was well as fans come together to begin the long journey of returning the club to its rightful state.

Backed by club legend John McGinlay, fans will stand side by side in unity to commence re-instatment of the guaranteed safety in the running of this football club.

The pre-match protest must declare nothing less than the beginning of a journey and a statement of intent which will continue for as long as necessary in a bid to see some form of normality return to this once huge force in English football which has been neglected and deserves to have its rightful title restored.

Your football club needs you.

As a both emotional and gentle reminder to join the masses on this journey, we invite you to join us, the fans, at Nat’s statue at 7pm before embarking on a lap of the stadium and finally gathering outside the main entrance to voice our discontent.

Your involvement and input is invaluable in the gradual success of this journey by attending and supporting this protest to voice our opinions crucially in front of the nation and take advantage of our shot at exposure. Despite what initially seemed like contrasting opinions between fans and Ken on the effects of such coverage, just remember, “all publicity is good publicity”.

Whilst we urge and sincerely encourage you to partake in this, it must be said that those intending to offer their presence are aware that when the gathering has dispersed, they are willing to take responsibility for their own actions once inside the stadium.

With all this is mind and the writing now clearly on the wall, Lion Of Vienna Suite, in collaboration with Burnden Aces, Trotters Blog, The Burnden Way and the fans of Bolton Wanderers Football Club, welcomes and hopes to see you at the Nat Lofthouse memorial statue from 7pm.

Be loud, be proud and the good old days will be back in no time.

Bring the noise and lets do this.

This is only the beginning...