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Christian Doidge returns to Forest Green Rovers

Tin hats everyone...

Stoke City v Bolton Wanderers - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

It is regrettable that I’m unexpectedly having to interrupt and ruin your depressing Sunday evening even further with some breaking news courtesy of Forest Green chairman Dale Vince who has just announced that as of tomorrow (Monday 7th January) Bolton Wanderers erm... to-be striker Christian Doidge will return to his parent club.

Vince reports that the decision to recall the striker follows the expiry of his initial loan deal at Wanderers and amid “continual contract breaches”. He continues to explain that he, the club and the player all feel “let down badly”.

Christian follows Remi Matthews in this nightmare saga which has forced both players to leave the club much earlier than ever anticipated, before the even officially became Bolton Wanderers players,

Dale Vince adds that opposite chairman Ken Anderson “made a lot of promises” and “has kept none of them” and given that “some of these are written in legally binding contracts”, FGR will be “pursuing them”.

The EFL have seemingly been absent in all this as is hinted at by Vince and I’m sure this can be echoed by Wanderers fans alike as we find ourselves plunging further into what could become a very nasty situation, no thanks to them.

From Monday morning, Christian Doidge is back with FGR. We've taken the decision to recall him after his loan agreement...

Posted by Dale Vince on Sunday, January 6, 2019

We wish Christian well upon his return to Rovers and thank him for his efforts during his brief spell with the club and can only apologise for what will presumably live long in the player’s memory for all the wrong reasons. To have uprooted families, moved up North and bought a house, only to have that snatched away, isn’t fair. It’s disgusting.

Sorry, Christian.

Sorry, everyone.

As you were...ish.