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A joint statement from the Bolton Wanderers blogs

The time has come to make our voices known

Bolton Wanderers v Burton Albion - Capital One Cup First Round Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

The name of Bolton Wanderers has been dragged into the mud continuously in recent times.

This once proud football club has been subject to humiliation with winding up orders and failure to pay the wages of the players & staff.

The lives of non-footballing staff, as well as those who have moved to Bolton on the pretence of a long term career, have been messed about due the mismanagement of the club by Ken Anderson.

Considering all of this, we feel as if there is no other option than to organise a protest before, during & after the game against West Bromwich Albion on Monday 21st January.

In front of the Sky cameras, we need to voice our discontent.

This is our football club & we shouldn't stand idly bye and watch it disappear.

We have a long and proud 145 year history that needs to be preserved.

This is a call to arms. We need to take action to ensure that Bolton Wanderers football club is here to stay.

Enough is enough.


The Lion of Vienna Suite, Burnden Aces, Trotters Blog, Vital Bolton, The Burnden Way & the fans of Bolton Wanderers football club

Details on where we go from here will be announced in due course.