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Enough is Enough

Not quite your average mothers meeting...

Blackpool v Wigan Athletic - Sky Bet League One Photo by Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

It’s got to the point now where I think we can all agree this is getting slightly out of hand. So, what better way of dealing with it than being pro-active eh?

As you’ll have already seen this morning, the sites and some other Bolton Wanderers related influencers clubbed together last night to christen what will be our way of saying enough is enough. We now need you to help us make this possible.

Normality was overshadowed once again after news broke that Christian Doidge would be returning to Forest Green Rovers today and it was somewhat naturally then decided that the fans would take no more.

After the most recent episode in the attempts to slowly and painfully kill our club, unable to let this go unnoticed, like something out of avengers assemble, everyone is set to put their differences aside as we go to war.

Unwilling to tolerate further mismanagement, this stand will aim to put an end to this misery which those in power are bringing to not only the fans, but also those players to whom they've made promises to and since turned their lives upside down, unable to follow through with said promises.

We have no option other than to raise the issue ourselves not only vocally but physically too. With Sky covering the West Brom game a week on Monday and the visitors already threatening to boycott the fixture due to prices and commercialisation, its the perfect opportunity to make ourselves heard.

With those with enough dedication and pulling power behind this, we can prove a point and we can help to save our football club. Following in the footsteps of the likes of Charlton, to make ourselves heard is the best plan of action and always will be.

Having already created far too many enemies for himself and now paying the price for such deceitfulness and ignorance, this plan already has enough behind it to create cause for concern, its making the difference that needs you. Action needs to be taken.

We will not stop until our football club is back in good hands and on the straight and narrow.

As one would always say, be loud and be proud!

Bolton Wanderers Football Club will not die. We won’t let it.