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Bolton Wanderers: The Future is Very Bright

Joey who

Bolton Wanderers v Fleetwood Town - Sky Bet Leauge One Photo by Andrew Kearns - CameraSport via Getty Images

That was fun.

Yeah Bolton Wanderers might have made things difficult when Fleetwood’s daisy-cutter trotted past Remi Matthews with five to go but thankfully and ultimately it didn’t matter.

What did matter was the manner of our performance.

Being under the cosh for an hour was immaterial.

Wanderers defended like lions. The odd Jake Wright brain-fart aside, the lads were exceptional. Emmanuel, Zouma, Wright and Chicksen all kept the Fleetwood attack at bay with relative ease.

Christ, even Jason Lowe played well.

I’ve seen some claim that Luke Murphy had a good game. I’m not quite there myself but he definitely had his moments.

Politic being sub-subbed? Bit too #keithhill for me, that, but I’m sure the manager had his reasons.

All this aside, what an absolutely engaging 95mins (or so) that was. Wanderers had the balls, had the fight and had the spirit to push a very good Fleetwood Town side all the way to the edge and to claim the three points was absolutely huge.

At the moment I’m not a massive Hill fan but what you cannot deny is that he is a decisive manager. If something isn’t working he looks to make the change - for me it’s not always the right change but I admire that he isn’t afraid of sub-subbing someone nor is he worried about the opinions of dafties like me.

His overly-critical assessment of Zouma didn’t sit well with me but if we are to blame Hill for being a knobhead there then does he deserve credit for the best performance of the young man’s career? Probably.

It’s fun to watch Bolton again. Long may that continue.

Oh, and we are 100% staying up.