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Player Ratings: Accrington Stanley 7-1 Disgraceful Knobheads

Most emotionally charged article I’ll ever write

Accrington Stanley v Bolton Wanderers - Sky Bet League One Photo by Andrew Kearns - CameraSport via Getty Images

That was utterly embarrassing in every manner possible. I’m pissed off and that’ll undoubtedly reflect in these player ratings. Go ahead and have a go at me for not remaining professional with these or being too harsh with the players etc. I don’t give a shit. That was horrible and let me tell you why nearly every person on that pitch today contributed to that.

Here are my Player Ratings:

Remi Matthews - 2.0
Stopped it from being 8 or more which possibly deserves him not earning a 0. Otherwise, I can’t in any good conscious rate a keeper who conceded 7 higher than a 2, even if most of them weren’t his fault. Just a victim of circumstance.

Josh Emmanuel - 0.0
His crosses were dreadful, barely beating the first man most of the time. He was beaten too easily and was very poor in possession. Certainly a day to forget for one of our better signings to put it mildly.

Jake Wright - 0.0
In case you aren’t putting it together yet, none of the defence after the sending off are getting anything higher than 1 because they simply do not deserve it. Made a couple blocks early on but again, he conceded 7 bloody goals, struggled to win headers and lost his markers multiple times. Try and tell me he deserves higher than a 1. I dare you.

Josh Earl - 5.0
Was unjustly sent off. Never in a million years was that a red. I won’t dispute the penalty and how silly he was giving it away but his ridiculous sending off ruined that entire game. Before that, he was doing OK and played some decent passes in our build up play.

Adam Chicksen - 0.0
Got beaten too many times and allowed them to get the balls in that let them score such simple tap-ins. He’s been Mr.Consistent so far this season but he looked more like Bradford’s worst ever left back today. Rubbish.

Liam Bridcutt - 1.0
Should never have been in defence at any point today so I’ll let him off for being part of conceding 2 of our goals but he was very wasteful and certainly did not lead by example today. It’s like he was trying to prove Tom right. Awful

Jason Lowe - 0.0
Actually had a golden chance to get a consolation and completely fluffed it. If that doesn’t symbolise his performance today, I don’t know what will. Awful passing and reminiscent of the shambles he produced last season. No interceptions, no tackling, no real pressure on their players. A far cry from his past couple of weeks.

Luke Murphy - 0.5
The midfielder I remember giving the ball away the least but completely anonymous when it came to defending and offered little when he was going forward.

Thibaud Verlinden - 4.0
Gave Chicksen little help in defence but that isn’t really much new. Going forward, he was the only significant threat we had. Could have had more if his end product was better as he really should have assisted more than 1 goal. Had them troubled but little to show for it otherwise.

Daryl Murphy - 4.5
Bar his goal, the lad was starved of any real service and it told when he had the ball. He was forced to try and beat their defenders in the dribble and for pace in collecting clearances and through balls multiple times with nothing to show for it. 4 in 4 is a nice record at least though.

Chris O’Grady - 2.0
Someone tell me what he brings to this team out on the wing. He’s not quick, he constantly mistimes his headers and isn’t reyt good in the dribble. He passes fine and holds up the ball OK at his feet but he’s a liability the rest of the time. We were blinded by his goals that is caused many of us ignored his overall performance. I’m not making that mistake from now on. Needs to be dropped to the bench. Only reason he scores higher than others was because he wasn’t on longer to be even more useless.


Yoan Zouma - 0.0
Should have been brought on the instant Earl was off. Baffling he was brought on at 3-1. Conceded 4 but nearly the entire team had given up by that point so he’s not purely responsible for it getting worse. Had he been brought on earlier, might have had a chance to defend something and solidify the defence but he just ended up part of the firing line instead. Mini tactical rant aside, he didn’t have a good game anyway so maybe I’m just yelling at clouds.

Joe Dodoo - 4.0
Should have put a shot on target that ended up looping over the bar but did look to push and try and get efforts into the box when he came on. Has to start over O’Grady for me.

Sonny Graham - N/A
I’ll be honest, I was so apoplectic that I didn’t notice he came on the pitch until I checked my phone to see who Stanley’s scorers were.

Everyone else

Keith Hill - 0.0
Got just about everything wrong today. Playing O’Grady instead of Dodoo from the beginning which starved us of some of our creativity out wide today. Not shoring up the defence at 1-1 by bringing on Zouma so we could play on the counter instead. Clearly whatever he said at half-time didn’t have any effect either. Having just heard his post-match interview, I also believe he should have publicly chewed out the players more vocally. He clearly has no qualms about doing that as demonstrated with Weir and Zouma but he hides it under a blanket ‘Poor performance by us’ after our most embarrassing defeat of the decade (or at least top 3)? Really disappointing

Fans - 9.5
We had more than half the attendance today and we made it count, even when we were diabolical for most of the game. We overtook the beer tents before the game and we were supportive, even though I vehemently disagree with that as I believed we should’ve been more vocally outraged after that but I can appreciate people being calmer than me. Points knocked off for those 2 morons running on the pitch though. What was the point?

Referee - Minus Infinity
I’ve reserved my language for the most part as I try to remain calm-ish but I’m going to give my poor Grandma a heart attack if she reads this part. What an absolute fucking disgrace the official was today. That useless bastard ruined the whole game today with his incompetence today. Not just that fucking joke of red card for Earl but the consistently brain dead fouls he gave Stanley and his allergy of giving them cards of any kind for similar challenges unless he absolutely had to. Employed by those farcical twats at the EFL, it’s no wonder he did everything possible to cut down any possible attack and blow for every time we breathed on them during that game. Wouldn’t be surprised if he was related to that sack of shite Barry Knight. What a fucking disgrace. Hope he never officiates another game ever again.