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Happy New Year from The Lion of Vienna Suite!

Here's to 2020

Australians Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2019 Photo by Wendell Teodoro/Getty Images

So, we’re almost at the end of what has been the year from hell for Bolton Wanderers. The shit flavoured cherry on top of the shit sundae that has been the 2010s.

We’ve seen countless records broken for all the wrong reasons & numerous appearances at court, vastly more than the number of away wins that’s for certain.

We’ve almost seen our beloved football club disappear into the ether, the beating heart of a town with 145 years of history behind it.

Thankfully, Football Ventures were able to prevent our club from sliding away, a fate that our neighbours down the road couldn’t prevent.

Many clubs have had financial misfortune recently, especially this year. I hope for the likes of Charlton Athletic, Macclesfield Town & Notts County to name but a few, that there will be brighter days ahead.

I hope that Bury FC will rise again, whatever league that may be in.

As fans, we’ve truly been through the ringer this year. From starting the year with thousands protesting outside the stadium, united for change to a near sell out crowd at Wycombe on the opening day of this season, thankful that there was still a team to watch. We’ve seen record attendances in the Football League trophy, long queues of fans excited to be talking and watching about football again. We’ve seen the youngest team in the clubs’ history, playing their hearts out at a time when they needed to stand up and be heroes.

As we head into this new year, this new decade, there are plenty of things to be positive about. We have a team capable of competing for survival, unlikely as it may seem right now. We have owners with passion and ambition & a coaching team who know what this club means to the community it resides in.

Whatever division we end up in, there will be brighter days ahead for Bolton Wanderers.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to articles, podcasts & travelled to court in pursuit of answers. Thank you to anyone who has read & listened to our content this year. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Here’s to a better decade for our Bolton Wanderers.

Up the shithousing Whites.

Happy New Year!