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Thanks Phil, But It’s Time To Go

Long time coming, this

Bristol City v Bolton Wanderers - FA Cup Fourth Round Photo by Harry Trump/Getty Images

Bolton Wanderers lost again yesterday. We lose A LOT.

Despite this, at the time of writing manager Phil Parkinson remains in a job. Obviously chairman Ken Anderson has other matters to attend to but his lack of focus towards the on-field part of his job is hurting us.

Parkinson should be sacked. He should have been sacked months ago.

Whilst obviously a nice guy working under tough circumstances, there can now be little doubt that he is a massive part of the problems that we have and that we face.

He appears to be completely devoid of any sort of tactical variance. When his opening salvo of sticking a big man up top fails, as we saw yesterday, his only recourse is either to stick another big man up there in place of the other big man, or to put another big man alongside the other big man. It’s dire.

The fanbase has dwindled under his leadership. The football is absolutely horrific to watch because of a) the players he has brought in b) the style of play and c) the way that he has alienated the players whom fans would actually want to watch.

The virtual absence of a plan B - as evidenced by the above and the bizarre manner in which he alienated Erhun Oztumer, for example, contributes to what has been the biggest drop-off in home support since we moved to the Reebok over 20 years ago.

Speaking from my own standpoint I couldn’t wait for the inevitable second goal to go in yesterday so that I had an excuse to leave. Going to the match has become a proper chore and had I not paid for my ticket in advance I would have watched it at home on the dodgybox.

One win in 21 game.

Eight points from a possible 63.

This points only in one direction and it would take even the most rose-tinted of fan (probably him from the BEN who likes that Doom Bar crap) must see that the problems start at the top and the easiest thing to do is to get rid of Parkinson.

Sorry Phil, but it’s time to go.