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The Bolton Wanderers match we all deserve

If Carlsberg did Wanderers matches...  

Bolton Wanderers v Lokomotiv Plovdiv Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

After watching Wanderers this season, I’ve been day dreaming about something.

Picture the scene. It’s a scorching day in Summer & there’s a match on at the UNIBOL.

But it’s not any old match. Oh no.

It’s the Bolton Wanderers match to end all Bolton Wanderers matches.

Remember the legends match of 2016? Remember the buzz around the stadium after the turgid and depressing 15/16 season.

Well, what if the biggest names to ever play for the club joined in to play a huge game this year?

The past couple of years have been hard on Wanderers fans. There’s been a cloud of apathy surrounding everything for a long time.

To put on such a game would work wonders to bring back the feel good factor.

For the fans who remember the better times & for the fans who never had the pleasure of experiencing them.

For those who travelled across Europe & for those who didn’t.

Imagine Djorkaeff, Okocha, Anelka, Hierro, Campo, Stelios, Gudjohnsen, Frandsen, Bergsson, Jussi, Gardner, Nolan, Super Kev, Super John and the rest of the greatest players of the last 25 years all taking part. An ensemble that eclipses the Avengers & the Expendables combined. All for charity.

It’s been ten years since Jussi’s testimonial & we never got to give a proper send off to Bibi or Super Kev.

This year also marks the anniversary of a few milestones in the clubs’ history. It’s 15 years since we last reached a cup final & achieved the first top ten finish in the Premier League, 20 years since Big Sam became manager and 40 years since Frank Worthington was the last Wanderers player to be the top goalscorer in the top flight.

If there was ever a time to celebrate the clubs’ past success, now is the time.

Is it likely to ever happen? No. But I can dream.