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Revealed: One of The Potential Buyers Ken Anderson Reckons He Didn’t Talk To

Curiouser and Curiouser

Bolton Wanderers v West Bromwich Albion - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

By now we’ve all seen Ken Anderson’s latest blog post in which he debunks the latest raft of Bolton Wanderers takeover news.

Well, today Ken has told us all that any such reports should only be treated as media speculation.

In the spirit of that request, perhaps I’ll ask that we all speculate on some interesting information which has reached LOV this fine evening.

We have a name. In fact, we have more than that.

Football Ventures (Whites) Limited, Company number 11761052, was incorporated on 11th January 2019 with two named officers at the helm - one being Parminder Basran and the other being Sharon Brittan. A cursory internet search reveals that Basran already has an online presence - click here for more. His company, VGC Partners, claims to have c.£100m under management across several funds and investment vehicles, and is apparently backed by a number of institutions and a select group of high net worth individuals who have experience in building consumer, media and technology companies.

I don’t like that ‘high net worth’ line. It brings back terrible memories.

What does this all mean?

Well nobody really knows.

Unfortunately the Companies House document doesn’t give us an insight into their financials or anything more than what you have read above. It seems that fans perhaps got a bit carried away, on Saturday, when news broke that a UK-based consortium was in the running to buy his shares and end his reign at the top. If they have walked away, as rumour seems to believe, then that brings us back to square one.

Watch this space.