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Report: Wigan 5-2 Bolton Wanderers - The Shame of a Generation

A new low

Wigan Athletic v Bolton Wanderers Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

If you thought that Bolton Wanderers’ season couldn’t get any worse then you would be sorely mistaken.

If you thought that the spineless and pathetic performance put forward by the team midweek couldn’t be beaten - you’d be sorely mistaken.

If you thought that there might be a single tiny element of pride in themselves or in the club that they play for and, in some cases, claim to love - you’d be sorely mistaken.

What you cannot ignore is that evidence of your own eyes and that brings about only one answer - that this is the worst Bolton Wanderers side of this or perhaps any generation. Yep the circumstances might be different from when you went to watch us in Division 4 in the 1980s but the pain and the stress is absolutely equal tonight to the worst of the worst.

We all recognise that the team is lacking in almost every discernable area. We don’t mind that, as fans. What we do mind however is the sort of performance that this lot served up today. It was completely lacking in any sort of fight, heart or desire and points to a group of players who a) have given up and b) don’t give a shit.

Well I’m sorry but that’s not good enough.

We have tonight given our nearest rivals the sort of ammunition to fire back at us until the day the earth explodes. We can call them, we can slag them off and we can run them down as best we can but they will always have today to retort with. They put five past us. It’s humiliating.

With the inspired leadership of Phil Parkinson showing yet again that it is completely lost, I finish yet another match report with a call for his dismissal. It’s actually stunning to think that we are so far adrift with eight games to go and he’s still in a job. Baffling.

I’ll leave my final word for the players.

You let the club down. You let yourselves down. Most importantly, you let the supporters down. It’ll take something absolutely miraculous for this motley bunch to go down in history as anything other than the worst squad we have ever had.

Oh and your match report? We lost 5-2.