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Player Ratings: Wigan Athletic 5-2 Bolton Wanderers

An awful day that all but confirms relegation

Bolton Wanderers v Wigan Athletic - FA Cup Third Round Photo by Paul Thomas/Getty Images

The 3,500 strong Wanderers following to the DW Stadium were treated to a spineless, gutless and disgraceful performance. In a season defining game where a win would have sparked renewed hope in our ability to get out of our on-pitch troubles, Bolton’s players, management and a large number of fans let the club down. Never before have I been to a game and felt so completely disgusted by my team. At least at Wembley we had played brilliantly to get there.

It seems wrong to refer to these people as players such was the shambolic nature of their performance, yet here we go. These are my player ratings.

Remi Matthews 3

Leeds mistake aside, Matthews has been impressive in his time at Wanderers. However, his performance in this match may be difficult for him to recover from. The third Wigan goal was one of the most horrific moments I have ever witnessed on a football pitch. It appeared as though Matthews stared at Michael Jacobs before dropping the ball at his feet as he passed to Nick Powell to score. I also felt he could have done much better with Wigan’s fifth goal from Leon Clarke’s tame header. All in all, he was crap.

Jason Lowe 0

He didn’t have long on the pitch, injuring himself by fouling Jacobs and getting booked for the resulting free-kick from which Joe Garner opened the scoring. Thus, his only contribution to the match was a booking and a conceded goal. 0.

Jack Hobbs 4

He lost almost every header to Garner and was part of a defence that conceded 5 goals. Enough said.

Mark Beevers 5

See above but did at least make some good tackles and looked bothered about how badly his team played.

Andrew Taylor 3

Was torn to pieces by Gavin Massey and though he offered some threat going forward in the main he defended appallingly.

Joe Williams 4

Made some good tackles and look competent on the ball but couldn’t get near Powell to stop him having an influence on the game. I bet he can’t wait to leave.

Callum Connolly 5

Played alright back in his midfield role but missed two big chances that could have made the score 1-1 and 3-2 respectively. On his return to Wigan I don’t think they missed him too much.

Gary O’Neil 5

Scored a good goal and played reasonably well but his set-piece delivery is abysmal. It’s a sad indictment of our current situation that he is by far and away our most effective player and he’s not that good.

Will Buckley n/a

Was he even on the pitch? He has ability but this must be the 10th game running where he has been useless. What is the point of him?

Clayton Donaldson 3

Terrible. He can joke about not being paid all he likes. At this rate he doesn’t deserve to be paid. He can’t shoot, he can’t pass and he can’t run anymore. Get out of the club.

Josh Magennis 4

How does a so-called target man fail to win so many headers? He can’t time a jump and looks terrified of centre-halves. I don’t think he’ll ever score again.


Pawel Olkowski 6

Should have started and was always a willing runner. He marshalled Antonee Robinson reasonably well could have scored with a scissor-kick. Parkinson is insane if he thinks our best player of the last two games deserves to be dropped for a man who isn’t a right-back. What a joke of a decision.

Sammy Ameobi 4

I don’t care if he scored, he has more talent in his little toe than anyone in our team and still doesn’t show it. The most passion I saw from him was defending Robinson when some idiot threw a bottle at him. I have never witnessed a more frustrating player.

Craig Noone n/a

I had left before he came on, but I presume he did nothing.

Fans 2

They get a 2 for turning up in their numbers, they only get a 2 because they behaved like animals. We have attracted a following of 12-year-olds and thick ones at that who come to games looking to set off flares, fight police and scrap opposition fans. They left the game early to go outside to fight and mostly ran away from police. It was farcical. I saw one Wigan fan with his son on his shoulders pushed down a hill by these morons. It saddens me to see what my club has become.