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Judgement Day

Tomorrow, Wanderers return to court to decide their fate

'We're Bolton Wanderers, we're on our way back.'

The chant that became synonymous with Wanderers’ promotion season from League One.

A battlecry from the fans to banish the memories of the 15/16 season, the most disastrous time for the club on & off the pitch for decades.

Having narrowly avoided adminstration or even worse punishment, it truly looked as if Bolton had turned a corner & would be much improved and in a far better position upon their return to The Championship. There was a real hope that things would be better.

Sadly, we all know that didn’t happen.

Whilst we stayed up in fantastical fashion after beating Nottingham Forest on the final day of last season, matters away from the pitch have continued to deteriorate.

So much so, that tomorrow Wanderers will appear in the winders court, faced with the prospect of serious punishment.

Three years ago, the club avoided adminstration at the eleventh hour. However now, they’re arguably closer to the cliff edge than they were back then.

The grim reality that Bolton Wanderers could bow out of league football after a 5-2 defeat to Wigan Athletic is something I just can’t believe. Whilst I don’t expect that to happen, it’s a grim possibility.

The actions and mismanagement of one man have taken us to the brink.

I wasn’t around to see a part of Burnden being torn down to create the Normid Supermarket.

As someone who grew up watching Big Sam’s Wanderers, it is truly saddening to see the position the club finds itself now. In that period, we were well and truly spoilt. A cup final, two unbelievable European campaigns & four top eight Premier League finishes.

145 years of history hangs in the balance, dangling perilously close to the abyss.

But we have a proud history that will be around forever.

We’re a founding member of the world’s first football league. We scored the first goal in league football history. We won the first game ever to be played at Wembley.

Nobody can take that away from us.

Hopefully discussing Wanderers will one day will not include a bunch of financial jargon.

Hopefully Wanderers will have their day at Wembley again.

Hopefully we’ll get the chance to see them back in the top flight.

Hopefully Bolton Wanderers will rise again.

Keep the faith.