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LOVpod Episode 104 | Henrik Pedersen


Bolton v Charlton Photo by Gary M.Prior/Getty Images

Welcome back to the LOVpod and more specifically welcome to a very special 104th episode featuring former Wanderer Henrik Pedersen!

Join Chris, Eddie and myself Will as we are entertained and fascinated by Henrik’s fond account of his 6 memorable years at Bolton Wanderers.

From beginning to end, Henrik recalls his early days at the club, his most prominent memories, matches and wins as well as telling us who his closest teammates were, his seamless versatile switch to left back, his generally loyal service to the club, that unforgettable peacock celebration and an emotional end to his time at the club, featuring his relationship with Sam Allardyce.

Henrik also provides us with his thoughts on the current situation at Bolton and a heartwarming message for the fans before concluding with answering your twitter questions.

As ever, sit back, relax and enjoy episode 104 of the LOVpod featuring Henrik Pedersen.

Bolton Wanderers v Manchester United Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images