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A Call to Action: Now it’s Time to Back the Boys & Buy a Ticket

A brave new dawn for Wanderers

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Reebok Stadium Home of Bolton Wanderers FC 1997 Photo by Ben Radford/Allsport/Getty Images

The deal might not yet have been officially done, but my beloved Bolton Wanderers finds itself on the cusp of a brand new dawn, sans Ken Anderson.

Whether or not this proves to be the start of a bright future or another false start, what is undeniable is that it is high time now to focus on the football.

Bolton welcome Millwall to the Reebok this weekend and I think it is the responsibility of all fans who can to get themselves a ticket to to fill the ground with as many supporters as possible. Not only will this ensure a great atmosphere for the team as they take this first step on the path to being saved but also to do what our former Chairman often demanded -bring about a full house.

For all those with a ready-made excuse not to come because of Ken, to you I say this - it’s time to put these grand statements behind you and return to where you belong - supporting the team.

Tickets can be purchased from here at a bargain price of £16 for adults and £11 for Under-18s.

We know the team are struggling and we know it has been grim lately under the management of Phil Parkinson, but it’s time to put all that to one side. We need the Reebok full. We need the lads to know that no matter what happens off the field, support for those wearing the famous white shirt is not dependent on whose name is above the door.

We all know that Wanderers have been through the mire (even more so than normal) lately and whilst somehow we aren’t completely adrift this is now the perfect opportunity for a full stadium to see if they can’t cheer the team on to success and hopefully the first step to saving ourselves.

To quote someone who used to hang around these parts, it’s time to be loud and be proud.