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Bolton Wanderers v Middlesbrough MOTM - Luca Connell - A Shining Light Amidst all this Darkness

The only decent spark

Bristol City v Bolton Wanderers - FA Cup Fourth Round Photo by Harry Trump/Getty Images

In a game of few positives, Luca Connell was my Man of the Match.

Bolton Wanderers were, generally speaking, appalling last night in the 0-2 loss against Middlesbrough. From goalkeeper to centre forward, we failed to compete and were deservedly beaten.

That said, there was one shining light in all this and it was (again) the performance of young Luca Connell in central midfield.

Playing in a role that feels too deep, he was able to spray some excellent long passes to try and introduce some width into our play. He was also tenacious in his general play, offering the sort of protection for the back four that Joe Williams is meant to be provide, but is completely incapable of doing.

It was sad to see him limp off in the second half and to be honest the nature of his farewell from the pitch - applauding all four corners of the ground - it felt like a goodbye. I hope I’m wrong and that his injury is nothing serious.

It’s a stark difference, when assessing his performance at 17 compared to some of his more experienced colleagues, to see that the lad is really the only one worth applauding.

The rest of the squad should look to him for inspiration and, at the same time, hang their heads in shame.