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Player Ratings: League 1 Wanderers 0-2 Future Play-Off Winners

3 year plan to the Prem now

Bolton Wanderers v Ipswich Town - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Raise your hand if you didn’t see this coming from a mile away. No one. Thought so. Not going to lie, it’s kind of relieving knowing that this horrendous season is now done in a sense and we’ve nothing left to play for. We can focus on next season now and go from there. Despite the loss, it feels more positive around the stadium. Not much but there’s something. Was there the same amongst the players?

Here are my player ratings:

Ben Alnwick - 5.5
Should definitely have claimed ball before the 2nd goal but outside of that, he was fine. Some decent saves and catches throughout. Kicking a bit wayward but otherwise, the usual Alnwick performance. Will be OK in League One.

Harry Brockbank - 6.5
Been wanting this lad to get a chance and he took it. Actually communicates with his teammates and has a Delap like throw-in to boot. El-Ghazi got more of the run around him in the 2nd half but solid debut for Harry. Get him tied down

David Wheater - 6.0
Was doing average before his injury. Nothing of note. Keep him for next season for an experienced head if nothing else.

Mark Beevers - 5.5
Didn’t hoof it as much as previous games. Won headers as per usual. Don’t remember him mucking up much. Got booked because Grealish is diving little bitch.

Jack Hobbs - 5.5
Had a battle against Abraham and did alright. Not responsible for either of the goals. Struggles with pace and still always feels like he has a silly mistake in him. Not sure if want him to stay or not.

Andy Taylor - 5.5
Can’t cope with pacy wingers. Not very wasteful going forward and Adomah didn’t beat him as much as I thought he would but they targeted his side often for attacks. Nice guy but I don’t want him starting next season if he stays.

Callum Connolly - 4.5
Unforgivable losing Abraham before the first goal. Lost the ball too often with a bad pass or half-arsed tackle. Got some runs forward but never amounted to anything.

Joe Williams - 4.5
Had the job of keeping Grealish under wraps. 1st half did fine. Failed miserably at that in 2nd half. Pretty sure he hasn’t hit the target once with a shot in his time at Bolton. Continues to misplace passes and run into nowhere. Frustrating as I love his shithousery but ability outside of that hard to spot in spite of his undeniable effort.

Luca Connell - 5.0
So much potential but today demonstrated how raw a talent he still is. Some good dribbles but over hit every set piece and ran himself into troublesome positions regularly. Tie him down soon though and work on his productivity and he’ll be deadly next season.

Gary O’Neil - 5.5
Did the usual Gary O’Neil performance of running around a lot and trying to be a passing link for Brockbank fine. Still no threat going forward though on ball. Hope he’s alright after being knocked out.

Erhun Oztumer - 6.0
Start him! Wants the ball and put himself about to try and be available for the ball. Clearly wants to play. Another potential force for next season if we play to his strengths.

Will Buckley - 5.0
Committed a foul which was weird since he usually never commits to anything. Didn’t do much. Had a shot blocked and did get back but still doesn’t jockey the attackers. Not his worst game by any stretch but still no sign of the quality that made him a hit at Brighton. Destined to leave.

Clayton Donaldson - 4.0
Horrendous footballer. Touch of an elephant. Lost the pace he apparently had in previous years. Struggles to pull off simple passes to teammates. Gives hope to people that anyone can become a pro. Can’t wait until he leaves.

Josh Magennis - 5.5
Won headers and showed a bit more sensible bustling against the defence than his usual wrecking ball tactic. Still no chances on goal and wouldn’t have him starting in L1. Good player to bring off the bench though.