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Whites Hotel temporarily closes its doors

Fears of enforced closure are all but confirmed

A general view of the Reebok Stadium

It has this afternoon been made apparent that the Whites Hotel, within the Reebok (UNIBOL) Stadium has closed it doors temporarily.

This news follows rumours over the last 24 hours suggesting a shortage of fundamental aspects of the hotel’s services such as the complimentary towels, soap, linen and food besides the obvious shortage of funds which has inevitably forced the hotel into decommissioning the rooms, some of which overlooking the pitch and the restaurant whilst the bar remains open for business.

To ease concern, it seems the closure will only be for 48 hours with no bookings being taken whilst the hotel look for solutions and aim to be running as usual by Friday, however, there’s fears of closure given their connection with Burnden Leisure and are due to return to court on May 8th along with Wanderers thanks to a previous, brief adjournment.

The issues that have surrounded the hotel over the past few years has been no secret, reportedly struggling to make a profit year on year whilst the troubles which they find themselves caught up in with the football club, presumably only adds to this and it seems whilst theres a severe lack of funding, its sadly taken its toll and has forced the hotel into voluntary short term closure, for now. Lets hope this isn't just delaying the inevitable.

Our thoughts are with the staff both at the hotel and the club as ever during this worrying time and whilst their jobs hang in the balance as May 8th fast approaches with no sign of any real significant change to proceedings, we can only hope this is resolved to prevent our and their worst fears from being confirmed.