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LOVpod Episode 114

Didn’t miss anything did we?

Bolton Wanderers v Stoke City - Premier League Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

Welcome back to the LOVpod. In episode 114, Chris, Ian, Jamie and myself Will regroup after a month long break due to Chris conveniently clearing off on what couldn't have been a worse timed holiday in terms of where Wanderers are concerned so for our radio silence, literally, I apologise.

Anyway, prior to the one on one podcast recorded with special guest Thogden, the lads last spoke a month ago with guest Marc Iles at which point, a Bassini takeover was imminent, oh how we laughed upon our return.

In case you've been living under a rock for the last month, we break down proceedings from the last four weeks into manageable, bit size topics and talking points featuring the last three, well two, games of the season, all the latest from court thanks to Ian, the departures of Pawel and Vela, and most recently and topically, Wanderers entering administration.

We close by plugging our two upcoming podcasts, the one in the immediate future being the collaboration podcast with the supporters trust on the 19th and one on the 21st with special guest Nicky Hunt so keep an eye out for those within the next week or so too.

Until then though, as ever, sit back, relax and enjoy episode 114 of the LOVpod.