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The sale price of Bolton Wanderers revealed

Yours if you can prove the funding

Bolton Wanderers v Huddersfield Town - The Emirates FA Cup Third Round Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

The price of football eh? The age old question. One many a Wanderers fan and associate has never really been able to put their finger on, until now. It was well documented that once administrators were appointed, taken the controls and settled in nicely, things would soon progress at a much faster rate of knots than it ever would have done under a certain previous owner and we can happily say, they have.

The pivotal action stations point in this is the commencement of the marketing period, within which, potential buyers/parties are invited to express their interest and place a bid if they wish before locking in their final submission, as if locking in an answer on Who wants to be a millionaire? or for the younger audience, ‘Are you smarter than a ten year old?’ Is that still running? Anyway…

It is understood that as of the last 24 hours, this marketing period has now begun, beginning with emails being flown out to all the various, initial groups of interested parties.

As Marc Iles stated in the Bolton News, up to 30 potential buyers have been emailed.

Those included will presumably be the likes of Shandong Luneng & Football Ventures.

This indicates that within 21 days, all final bids will be requested and shortly after, lodged, or using my rather non-topical analogy (sorry), ‘Is that your final answer?’, and it is then up to the administrators to choose the most appropriate buyer for the club, music to your ears Wanderers fans!

The information required for such an application and for the administrators consideration will of course include first and foremost, an agreement to meet the proof of funding price.

This is allegedly believed to be £25m.

Anyhow, whilst we’re now aware that this period of negotiation is underway and ongoing as of today, it’s extremely likely that things will now go quiet given the non-disclosure agreements and the vital matter of confidentiality to allow these deals to move as smoothly and consequence free as possible.

We therefore ask everyone to appreciate this and understand the importance of allowing the process to take its natural cause so that we can hopefully be welcoming in and celebrating the arrival of a new owner within the next three or four weeks, allowing for a period of due diligence and completion once a deal is settled.

So there you have it folks, out in the open, in black and white, how good does that feel and how long has it been since we’ve been able to say that? Too long…

Anyway, we hope this clarity will make things much more understandable and will provide a rough time scale in terms of how quickly to expect things to progress and reach its conclusion at which point we hope to bring you the corresponding news.

We know its not imminent but at least its something to look forward to!

There’s light at the end of the tunnel then it seems, as there seems to be life in the old dog yet too, fingers crossed.