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Patience is a virtue

On your marks, FV....

Bolton Wanderers v Huddersfield Town - The Emirates FA Cup Third Round Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

As the completion of the takeover of our beloved Bolton Wanderers seemingly edges ever nearer, the importance of finding a happy medium and a balance between being patient and trying not to panic that we’re less than a fortnight away from pre-season with no concrete plans regarding the general immediate future of our football club, to our knowledge.

Its a feeling that I’m hoping we can all relate to in that we’re trying not to worry about the looming issues we currently face and are trusting that the preferred buyer (Football Ventures) have it all planned out and are ready to swing into action the minute it becomes official.

I now however find myself between a rock and a hard place as the constant urge to want to hurry the process along is building with each day that passes is nearing outweighing the daily re-assurance note to myself of the imminent announcement, which hasn’t come, yet.

Despite having near to no doubts whatsoever that it’ll all fall into place and this’ll all prove to be extremely unnecessary levels of paranoia come the end of the week, its also not ideal helplessly watching on whilst other clubs snap up the best of the free agents and released players from the football league over the last few days and I assume this’ll continue at the same rate with every day that goes by whilst we’re still in retention of just a 6 man senior squad.

Without being disrespectful to those currently without a contract, most clubs have had plenty of time and opportunities to handpick their recruits for the 19/20 reason and without ever intending to make a pig reference in my time writing, I’m just hoping we’re not left with the runts of the released and are able to attain some talent of our own when the light goes green and white smoke emerges from the UNIBOL.

As you can tell, and I’m sure you can all appreciate, its extremely difficult to know how best to address this without becoming overly impatient, but perhaps with good reason.

In the most relaxed terms therefore, I’ll label this a gentle reminder to the to-be owners that whilst we appreciate the complexities and necessities of agreeing each and every fine term and detail, its also of paramount importance that the next steps are pre-planned and we’ve players queuing up outside the main entrance awaiting an invitation to sign on the dotted line, a pre-season format of some form is arranged and all is as it should be just as the new owners and chairman take their seats in their respective offices.

I’m sure you’ve already begun to construct your abuse in the replies as you read this, I can see it now, ‘Will, shut up, they know what they’re doing’ to which I would reply, well, I hope you’re right, because even though we’re only in mid June, it’s nearing squeaky bum time.

I just hope everything’s ready and everyone’s well aware of the various restrictions, time limits and the need for some serious financial support that they’re letting themselves in for because although we can’t and shouldn’t expect a quick fix, that may have to change before too long.