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Yet Another Article Highlighting How Useless the EFL Are

Everything you already knew - and more

Doncaster Rovers v Huddersfield Town: Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Ben Early/Getty Images

According to our mates at the EFL, Bolton Wanderers and Football Ventures need to get a shift on.

Excuse me whilst I take a moment to consider this statement.

Our situation is, apparently, ‘an ongoing concern’. Well would you look at that. I mean, as a Bolton Wanderers supporter I’m pretty damned concerned myself but it reassures me that the leading body to whom we report are taking this so seriously.

Oh no wait, that was sarcasm.

The EFL are a ridiculous organisation. From their fancy shiny headquarters in Preston (which has the world’s most unnecessarily complicated parking system) to their shambolic handling of almost every facet of footballing life in the lower leagues, they’re a fine one to talk when it comes to being a concern.

Perhaps if they hadn’t given that idiot Bassini the time of day then they might’ve been able to keep their eye on the ball a little more closely.

Wanderers fans know that things are grim. We know that times are very hard. What we don’t need is some faceless and seemingly incompent organisation telling us that this is the case.

The EFL need to realise that this is a problem partially of their own making. Shaun Harvey’s public declarations in favour of former Wanderers chairman Ken Anderson displayed a frightening lack of perspective and attachment to the real world.

Fit and proper? Neither of you, mate.

Another comment made said “I urge all interested parties to work together to reach a successful conclusion as soon as possible with the season fast approaching”. Well that’s hilarious, because I urge you to take a long, hard look at yourselves and hang your heads in shame.

No doubt the Wanderers takeover will go through, at some point, but I equally hope, again at some point, that the EFL has to answer for its role in us being in this mess in the first place.

Do one.