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Fud of the Day - Nicko Strikes Again

Bless his little heart

Bolton Wanderers’ Bulgarian midfielder M Photo credit should read ANDREW YATES/AFP/Getty Images

He’s done it again.

Now I confess to missing this in real time. Being off Twitter is, overall, a wonderful experience, but I do sometimes miss the breaking news element of it all. Especially when it comes to Bolton Wanderers news.

What I don’t miss, however, is the likes of our mate Alan Nixon, of the Sun.

This was today’s gem:

Swiftly debunked my the BEN’s own Marc Iles:

I know who I would trust.

So why does Nixon insist on peddling this garbage? I’m sure some would argue that the very nature of his employer makes it his go-to default standard. Maybe he likes the attention?

Who knows.

What we do know is that at times like this there will be a million twitter scaremongerers - and don’t even get me started on Facebook.

All we know right now is that right now we don’t know a single thing.

That will likely change tomorrow. Until then, I wouldn’t go giving the fud any attention.