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The Tale of Two Pauls & a Keith, With Bolton Wanderers In the Middle

A fine mess

A general view of the Reebok Stadium

Bolton Wanderers Football Club. A noted local institution. Nowadays more like Billy Smart’s Circus.

As we near the end of this administration madness, more and more is coming out of the woodwork - with the administrators themselves being leakier than a sieve.

Are you ready for the latest news to reach our ears?

As we all know, Paul Aldridge, who’s name is mud amongst supporters following his long association with Ken Anderson, remains on the scene working alongside the administrators. Doing what exactly? Good question.

Aldridge, it seems, is using the administration process as a means to get his own money back as a secured creditor. The debt to him is unsecured and stands at approximately £165,000.

This means that he’ll likely receive 35p in the pound over two years (at best). By joining the administration process, any fees generated have to be paid up in full upon the club leaving that process at the time of takeover. So he’ll be amongst the first to be sorted.

The administrators clearly believe that Aldridge is carrying out an important role in the whole show and our mates at Football Ventures can do precisely nothing about it.

Nice work if you can get it.

So what of the role of Keith Cousins?

Well, given that we are being linked to a raft of journeymen signings, it has been said that Cousins is being paid to bring in these older players, as opposed to younger talent (who might be more expensive but have better resale value). To what end? No idea.

The same source also contends that he receives a fee for every player who leaves, too.

Again, nice work if you can get it!