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Save English Football & Sign This Petition

I for one, would welcome new overlords, and so should you.

Nottingham Forest v Bolton Wanderers - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Andrew Kearns - CameraSport via Getty Images

Without sounding like a broken record, or as if I’m removing any limelight from the youngsters magnificent achievement at weekend, I feel it necessary to draw your attention to something crucial during this difficult time and period of unrest off the field for both ourselves and Bury to name a few.

Nothing I could possibly tell you about the EFL at this stage would come as news to any of you, nor would it surprise you, nor would it achieve anything and would simply incite negativity which is the last thing we want to do off the back of this weekend, so instead I’m going to inform you of a potential amendment to life in the English Football League which you and I have the power to influence and would strongly encourage you to consider and support.

Its come to my attention that the passionate disgust for the role of the EFL and their lack of regard, attention and action taken, besides constantly handing out unwarranted and unfair punishments, to prevent rogue owners from destroying innocent football clubs such as our own, spans much further than you might imagine and has lead to fans deciding enough is enough who’ve subsequently taken things into their own hands and want/need our help to make it happen.

As much I strongly believe the EFL should provide answers and take responsibility for their absolutely ridiculous levels of mismanagement and unfair ruling over football league clubs, it’d be more effective to simply embarrass them, show them they’re not fit for purpose and that we as unhappy and unfairly treated supporters/football clubs, can manage and make a better fist of things without them.

With the support of clubs and their fanbases across the country, we could easily make ourselves heard, surpass the requirements and create a better future for english football league clubs. We just need your attention and willingness to support the following cause/understandable cry for help.

The well established twitter page @againstleaguethree have set up a petition to ‘legislate for the creation of an independent regulator for football’ which would see a new governing body implemented to oversee the football league, its cliental, fixtures, club owners, and every other aspect of what is much more than just as the EFL claim to be ‘a competition organiser’.

The petition has already reached 1,500 signatures in its first few weeks since its conception and requires 10,000 for a government response. To reach said target, it would require less than the attendance at the Reebok on Saturday, which was collated in just over 24 hours, and with no time constraints in meeting this target, this appears to be an extremely realistically achievable and attainable target.

To say that just such a said amount, easily achievable in my opinion, by just our own fans giving a minute or two of their time to sign this, would be enough to compel a governmental response, another 9 times that, in reality, doesn’t seem all that impossible.

You may say ‘Will, but thats the capacity of Wembley’ Yes, but when you consider how many club’s and their fanbases are/have been hard done by/outdone by/unfairly treated or similar by the EFL, it wouldn’t even take all of the club’s combined fanbases in financial difficulties to reach the magic 100,000.

I honestly believe that with the help of you, the fans, all the influential parties and individuals willing to back this and a small chunk of just four or five domestic lower league club’s fanbases to leave their signatures, we’d easily make this a reality, and a deserving one for those suffering as a result of their pathetic organisation.

All we ask then, is that you spread this message to everyone you know, everyone at Bury, Blackburn, Blackpool, Portsmouth, Coventry, Accrington, Birmingham, Southampton and any others I might’ve missed off the top of my head, lets make a better future for ourselves, start a fresh and emphasise how much power the fans have in football because as we all know, without them, football is nothing.

Lets work together on this amicably, professionally, efficiently and appropriately to re-instate the faith and trust fans have in their club’s owners, its what this country’s football desperately needs more than anything so lets make it happen.

Wanderers fans, do your thing, everyone else, get behind this please, for your own sakes as well as ours.

Spread the word and sign up here: