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Fans Made to Suffer (Again) as Bolton Wanderers cancel Doncaster fixture

So many figures of blame

Two fans wearing masks of the famous comic actors Photo credit should read PEDRO UGARTE/AFP/Getty Images

I don’t know about you, but I was devastated to learn that Bolton Wanderers’ Tuesday night fixture at home to Doncaster Rovers was cancelled earlier today, but I think it is everything that has happened since which has disappointed me most.

Firstly, the cancellation. I don’t particularly agree with it. Had we not suffered a 5-0 loss at weekend would the same decision had been made? Suppose we’ll never find out. I do know that we’re paying a pair of ‘football consultants’ £60k a month to get the team together. What are they actually doing for their money? Again its the fans who suffer. That said, I do understand the justifications given, I just don’t particularly agree with it.

Then Wanderers offered up the most ridiculous refund policy of all time. Fans have to either travel to the ground in their own time or ring a premium-rate phone number. Remember we had to pay an administration fee when buying tickets in the first place (tip, just email Fans suffering again.

Onto the administrators of the club. They chose to cancel the fixture without notifying the opposition or the league. What kind of tinpot organisation are they to even do this? Ridiculous. Squeezing yet more money out of everyone possible. It’s disgusting. Seems they can’t even postpone a game without making stupid mistakes. Why would you anoint Football Ventures as preferred bidder for the club when you knew their business plan was dependent on buying the hotel? Maddening.

Next, the EFL. What a useless bunch they really are. Would it have made a difference had they agreed to our request to cancel both this and the Tranmere game? They don’t care, clearly. The craziness of the 35p/25p rule being one thing, their mismanagement allowed Ken Anderson here in the first place to set the ball rolling. Not fit for purpose, that lot.

So then on to Football Ventures. Surely the chances of this takeover happening have to be questioned at this time. What happens if the takeover hasn’t been completed by 2nd September and the window is then shut? Will we postpone every game because it’s not fair on the academy lads? They have bridges to build with supporters already and they haven’t even take over yet.

I just wish we had a Supporters Trust capable of doing anything other than messing about in their stupid WhatsApp groups coming up with more great ideas like writing to Eddie Davies’ widow or whatever else is the topic of the day.