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Phil Parkinson, Bolton Wanderers, Atherton Colls & Footballing Apathy

Bolton Wanderers v Ipswich Town - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Andrew Kearns - CameraSport via Getty Images

I got home from work yesterday and I was mad. Genuinely fucking mad.

I’d had a bad day anyway, nothing had gone my way.

Walking to my desk in Manchester City Centre I got the usual questions regarding our club, ‘Did you see Bassini last night?’ ‘What’s happening at Bolton now then?’ ‘Did you hear Big Sam on TalkSport?’.

I love my club and I love my town but I’ve always been able to distance my football from the real world. However, with every passing Jewish Telegraph exclusive, it is just getting harder and harder.

It was nearly 8 o’clock by the time I left the office and I check my phone and what do I see? Phil Parkinson & Steve Parkin have left Bolton Wanderers.

What can we say about Phil Parkinson?

Phil Parkinson achieved his goals for Bolton Wanderers in two out of the three seasons in charge. I’m not one of the writers on this site with journalistic ambitions, it’s a nasty little profession, so I don’t do too much research but if I did, I’d look into how long we have been under embargo under Parkinson?

How many times players or staff weren’t paid on time?

How many times a star player was sold on deadline day with no replacement?

How many players’ strikes he had to deal with? I realise I ask a lot of hypthothetical questions so bare with me.

A lot of people have cited Mr Bassini’s 2nd appearance at the Nat Lofthouse statue on Tuesday Evening although the over-worked Marc Iles has indicated the notices went in before the Tranmere game.

Like many, I had absolutely no interest in seeing Mr Bassini last night and instead took up Atherton Colleries offer of a free night of football.

A good friend of mine asked why I went to watch the Atheron Colleries game last night and asked if it was because I was apathetic about matters at Bolton?

Def: Apathy

’the feeling of not being interested in or enthusiastic about something, or things in general’

It certainly isn’t that.

How could it be?

I’ve had to find my laptop it’s been that long since I wrote for this site. It’s caring that compelled me to write.

I’ve still not looked at that Bassini video, I’m not sure I will either.

If you were wondering what my views were on his latest ramblings, I’m sorry to disappoint. I genuinely think he is an incredible man. A real enigma I don’t think anyone could possibly understand, a maverick in an ill-fitted suit that I think is exactly the type of owner we don’t need at the club.

His decision to put an injunction on the sale is certainly brave. The silence from Football Ventures is deafening and you look at the awful situation at Bury just up the road and you wonder what the future holds.

Things of course seem bad now but you never know what’s round the corner, something custodians, staff & fans of other clubs need to remember when they discuss Bury & our expulsion for ‘integrity’ purposes.

Integrity, now there’s an interesting word...