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The Most Unwanted Job in Football? I disagree.

A job like no other.

Bolton Wanderers v Coventry City - Sky Bet League One - University of Bolton Stadium Photo by Dave Howarth/PA Images via Getty Images

BBC Sport have described the Wanderers vacancy as a “The job no other football manager wants.” Despite this being sheer lazy journalism after Keith Hill, David Lee and Kevin Nolan all declared publicly that they are interested in the absent managerial role, I also believe the statement to be far from the truth.

If there is one thing we can take away from the past few weeks, it is that Bolton Wanderers are a special football club. No matter what situation we find ourselves in, there is always one constant factor. The fans will be there. We are proud of this club and above all else, we are just grateful we still have a club to support.

Now, why is the Wanderers job one of the most interesting and potentially exiting job in football? Okay, that might be overstepping the mark a little. But let’s face it - the situation we find ourselves in would make an unbelievable FM20 challenge. I don't remember a time where a manager is able to come into a club with a complete fresh start. The ability to work with the current heroic youngsters and be able to put their stamp on the infrastructure of the entire club.

It is no secret that the club requires another 10-15 senior players and with the transfer deadline now only a week away, it seems a huge ask to bring in anything other than free transfers. Granted, some of the squad from last season are likely to re-sign once the everlasting takeover finally goes through, but a new manager is likely to want to run their eyes over these before they agree a deal.

For a young, upcoming manager or an experienced Football League gaffer or maybe even an ex-Wanderers fan-favourite (wink wink) the chance to manage this great club and build afresh must surely excite. Sat on -11 points, with potential further points deductions for the Brentford and Doncaster games, it would take something special to remain in the division. This isn’t a quick in and out job, this is a project. This is something that will take time, it will take patience, but above all else, it is an extremely rare chance to build something spectacular and start the ball rolling on taking this club back to where we belong.

So we might not be an extremely wealthy club, or aiming for Champions League or Premier League football (just yet!) but it is completely unique in its own way.

No matter who gets the gig, once the takeover goes through and the new manager takes their place in the home dugout at the University of Bolton Stadium, it’s important that all Wanderers fans get completely behind the new boss and get ready for the next chapter in this special club’s history. I have no doubt that this will be the case, because we are the greatest fans in the world and this is the greatest club.