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Bolton Wanderers Back on Track; Dare to Dream

Exciting times ahead

Rochdale v Bolton Wanderers - Carabao Cup First Round Photo by Andy Whitehead/MI News/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Bolton Wanderers are back. Back on an even keel and finally away from the greasy paws of Ken Anderson.

Football Ventures are our new owners with their first day in charge being today. We know that they’ve been at the ground and they’ve been introducing themselves to the key players at the stadium.

Now that Wanderers are back on the straight and narrow, do we dare to dream again?

You’re flippin’ well right we do.

Football is, of course, a game of high emotion and no little drama. What is football without ridiculous expectation based upon the tiniest chance of that same potential being fulfilled?

Wanderers are, as we know, marooned at the bottom of League One on minus Eleven points without the cushion of our near neighbours Bury to keep up from that bottom spot. Twelve points. It’s not a lot. A few wins and a couple of draws and we’re laughing.

The famous ‘new manager’ bounce. Be it Kevin Nolan or Sam Ricketts, or whoever - Wanderers are not cut adrift yet. A few sensible signings from our mates at Football Ventures could easily see us work our way back up the division.

I know we’ve had a poor start but I have yet to see anything to be truly afraid of in this division.

Following the conclusion of the takeover player and fan confidence will be at an absolute high and who’s to say that we won’t make the best of this when the football returns this weekend?

We’re not dead in the water just yet.

Bolton Wanderers are back. Back with a bang? We’ll find out on Saturday.