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Ex-Bolton Wanderers Chairman Ken Anderson Releases Ridiculous ‘Woe is Me’ Statement

God bless him

Bolton Wanderers v West Bromwich Albion - Sky Bet Championship
Will Jones, here
Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

In a statement released to the world tonight, former Bolton Wanderers chairman Ken Anderson has put out what we can only hope is his final column.

With the sort of reasoning and wording that has made Laurence Bassini a laughing stock, what little credit Ken had in the bank with some fans must surely now have disappeared right into the toilet along with what little remains of his reputation.

Given what we have experienced over the years under his chairmanship, it should perhaps come as little surprise that Anderson tries to weasel his way out of every single sensible scenario that he is solely responsible for putting us in. If you read it with Ken-tinted specs on then you might think he’s been unfairly maligned.

Most normal people, however, think he’s just proven what many already thought.

The statement:

What a load of tripe, eh!

I bet he wants some things to be left in the past!!!!!!! The absolute brass neck on him. My 3 year old reacts in much the same way when he’s accused of, well, anything. He screams IT WASN’T ME as well.

I think my abiding memory of his time at the club will be him squealing during his departure from the club.

Do you believe that he really forgave his debt? This man, Ken Anderson who, I reckon, accounts for every single penny in his life and who would take his own mother to the cleaners if she owed him a few quid.

I know what I feel. Hopefully he (and his daft son) can go back to his beloved Arsenal now and leave us well alone.