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Five Things: Wycombe 2-0 Bolton Wanderers


Wycombe Wanderers v Bolton Wanderers - Sky Bet Leauge One Photo by Andrew Kearns - CameraSport via Getty Images

No messing about. Let’s get on with it:

1 - Best Fans in the World

I remember once being told that David Wheater thought that I was a ‘doom and gloom merchant’. I’ve been thinking about that a lot in the 24hrs since he finally left the club signing for League Two’s Oldham Athletic and I’ve come to the conclusion that yeah whilst we all have moments of being deeply upset about the club it’s more to do with the personnel wearing the white shirt than those of us in the stands.

Bone-idle shithouses have no place in any club. However over the years there can be little doubt that Bolton Wanderers fans have become used to seeing players of very poor quality line up to represent the club - Wheater, Will Buckley, Craig Noone to name but three of the very poorest.

What made me smile today however was the sheer amount of young debutants in the matchday squad. That is what’ll drive us back to where we think we belong. I really hope that the incoming owners don’t fall into the trap of filling the squad with the lower-league fodder that we’ve become all-too accustomed to seeing.

2 - What Do People See in Remi Matthews?

Baffles me, mate.

I was going to give the title “What Does Parky See in Remi Matthews?’ but then I had a conversation with a pal and he was convinced that Remi is a better goalkeeper than Ben Alnwick.

Not in my book.

Another howler from the latter should mean the end of that little experiment. Of all the positives from yesterday, unfortunately the performance of the goalkeeper left a bit to be desired.

3 - If Ozzie Wants to Go then Let Him Go

An underwhelming performance when so much was expected leads me to think that his mind was not on the game. Whereas Josh Magennis showed himself to be a shithouse, Oztumer actually showed up and earns points in my book for that.

However, his display was just as disappointing as anyone on the day.

I would be amazed if he was still at the club by the time the next game rolls around.

4 - Takeover Time

Sharon was at the game and courted a little attention with the press giving a brief couple of words to ITV which has lead to people hoping that the takeover will be completed in the coming days.

We can but hope.

Wanderers need reinforcements - see point 1, but most of all we need stability.

After the up-and-down of the Ken Anderson era, it’s time for things to plateau a little and that begins at the top.

5 - What a Club

After the summer of discontent that we’ve all sat through, you could be forgiven for thinking that we were a lost cause.

Well I tell you what, we’re far from it. Yeah we’re twelve points down already but there is something about being the underdog that feels very Bolton Wanderers and when we’re in that position we are surely at our most endearing.

As a supporter who has endured all the ups and downs that we have been through, I still experienced that same thrill as 3pm came around and that same excitement as the game wore on. Yeah we lost, but by Christ it was a brilliant feeling to know that we are Anderson-free, we are free of the shackles of the likes of Sammy Ameobi, Wheater and friends.

Gone are most of the weak-willed players who went on strike. Gone are the scabs who cared more about having a weekend off that playing for the fans who adore them. They can all fuck off.

The future is ahead of us and I cannot wait to see what it brings.