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Done Deal: Josh Magennis departs Wanderers for Hull

Deadline day news, of sorts

Nottingham Forest v Bolton Wanderers - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Andrew Kearns - CameraSport via Getty Images

It has this evening been announced that Wanderers striker Josh Magennis has joined Hull City for an undisclosed fee following his refusal to play for the Whites in the opening game of the season at Wycombe last weekend.

Magennis, who joined Bolton last summer from Charlton after an ongoing saga in the previous January window, scoring four goals in his first four games in a white shirt including player a star role in last season’s opening game at West Brom and looked set to cause havoc amongst championship defences for the remainder of the season.

Since those first four games however, Magennis’ time at Wanderers has been less than impressive, scoring only three other goals for the club. However its been a spell implicated, well out of his control, which has seen him and several other team mates from last year’s relegated side driven to despair and subsequently out of the club over unpaid wages, off the field issues, disturbances to their lives outside football and general uncertainty which has loomed over the club for the past six months or so.

Magennis, having struggled to perform beyond August and centrally caught up in the well publicised and ongoing issues at Wanderers has brought Josh’s time at Bolton to an ugly end which wasn’t helped after failing to appear against Brentford last season, and once again at Wycombe on Saturday.

Its a shame that things have got to the stage that they’re at, but to refuse to play is something the fans would not and did not take kindly to and given that the Brentford game was the full squad, Magennis’ lone decision to choose not to play for Wanderers at Adams Park singled him out as a growing issue which has seen him grow to be largely disliked and unwanted amongst the Wanderers fan base.

After things came to ahead with the striker last weekend, I think the rest was to be anticipated and I think its time we moved on from that now we’ve not the issue of caring whether or not he’ll turn out on a weekly basis for us anymore, thats Hull’s issue now.

Magennis was one of seven remaining senior players’ on our books which is now down to five with his departure, obviously not helping on the field matters which is the least of our worries given the inability to cope with the off the field stuff more so.

Despite the debunked rumours of six of those seven seniors handing notices in, it appears that Magennis stuck to his guns and has forced through an unexpected move to championship side Hull City.

Given the chance and unburdened by a completely dysfunctional and massively affected club to think about, Magennis may re-appear out of his shell as he’s proven to on international duty, infuriating Wanderers fans, however, given the situation at BL6 its hardly confusing as to why he’s struggled to find his feet here with us.

However, having been subject to watching a continuation of a lack of performances last season, league one would’ve perhaps been more suited to a player like Josh but the Tigers obviously deem him worthy of another chance in the second flight on english football, so good luck to him.

You may have expected this to be a bad-mouthing article, however, it’d be daft to be overly concerned about this, or to not expect it or be surprised by the series of events regarding Magennis and his future, especially whilst we’ve so much else on our plate to worry about.

Josh is just one of numerous players from last season at Bolton who’ll have felt as if his only option is to leave and its sad to think we’re pushing players away having ruined not only their credibility, but also had a major impact on their personal lives for that we can only apologise.

However, looking to re-build with a more enthusiastic and younger squad, it’s the best outcome for all parties that these suffering seniors such as Magennis move on and allow the kids to show what they’ve got and bring in some fresh faces, provided this takeover ever happens.

Anyway, providing the tantrum and refusal to play wasn’t cynical Josh, all is forgiven, best of luck for the future.