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Fans Despair as Will Buckley Returns to Bolton Wanderers for some reason


Well it had to happen didn’t it.

Football Ventures hadn’t put a foot wrong since taking over at Bolton Wanderers but it appears that first misstep has taken place.

The news that Will Buckley has rejoined Wanderers has gone down like a lead balloon as fans, jubilant with a raft of new signings, were left scratching their heads.

Buckley, part of the disgraceful strike action of 2019 not only let himself down with his performances last season but also let down the supporters. His arrogance in cupping his ear towards critical fans after a goal went in off his arse will live long in the memory.

Some will think that we should give him a fresh chance. Some of us will wonder whether we were ever truly so desperate as to think that a man afraid of the football could ever improve our side.

This is the sort of signing that sends out the wrong message to the young players who have worked so hard for the cause - unlucky lads, some bone-idle shithouse is coming to take your place.