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Sport as Song and Song as Sport: A Memorable Night at the Reebok

Bolton Wanderers v Bradford City - EFL Trophy Photo by Andrew Kearns - CameraSport via Getty Images

Well that was absolutely brilliant fun.

How long has it been since we were so proud of a Bolton Wanderers team? Yeah we lost, but that really doesn’t matter a single bit.

The youngsters in Wanderers side showed not only that they are an exceptionally talented bunch but that they also have the hearts of absolute lions.

Seeing Dennis Politic swivel his hips and dance through the Bradford City defence was to hear echoes of Jay-Jay Okocha doing something similar. To see Adam Senior and Yoan Zouma block the ball as if their lives depended on it got me off my seat much in the way that celebrating a 30 yard belter would.

Eddie Brown! I love the lad - such heart and such battle. No shortage of bollocks either when faced with two giant centre-halves fighting against him. I feel bad for not mentioning the rest because they were all, without exception, absolutely magnificent.

Absolutely inspiring.

The crowd themselves played a massive part, too.

It was heart-warming upon approaching the ground to see the queues snaking their way around the stadium - it was like the old days.

Can anyone remember a time when kick-off was delayed because of crowd congestion? Absolutely brilliant!

When Politic scored I felt an explosion of emotion, one that I hadn’t felt since that Aaron Wilbraham moment.

There was barely a dry eye in the house as it appeared that almost 9,000 others had the same idea.

One of the worst things in recent years at the ground was infighting and bickering between fans which was a familiar sight as the team struggled on the field.

Instead there was unity and an mutual understanding that we were all there for the same purpose - to back the lads wearing white.

I can imagine that if season tickets were to be put on sale today they would sell like absolute hot cakes. There was a real sense of excitement and togetherness coming from the stands and it was so inspiring to see.

We’ve lived in the shadows for far too long. Bolton Wanderers. My club. Our club. Well and truly back and on the up.

Do you remember being this positive about the club? it’s a wonderful feeling, long may it continue.

Sport as song and song as sport. Love it.