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When Bolton Wanderers were linked with Ryan Giggs

A very unlikely transfer

Manchester United’s Ryan Giggs (L) is ch Photo credit should read PAUL BARKER/AFP via Getty Images

In a recent interview with BeIN sport, Wales manager & former Manchester United player Ryan Giggs revealed the one time he nearly left Old Trafford.

Who were one of the clubs rumoured to have a strong interest? Only Bolton bloody Wanderers.

Giggs stated:

“Around 2003/04 I didn’t have a great start to the season.

“It was the summer that David Beckham went, that was the probably the closest I got to going.

“My form wasn’t great, and it was the transition period where I’d gone from flying winger to coming in a little bit more inside.

“I’d lost that pace. I actually ended the season quite strong. If I hadn’t ended the season strong, who knows.

“But other than that there wasn’t really a time when the manager would say I wasn’t doing well.”

With Inter Milan & Juventus also rumoured to have had an interest, it’s very unlikely that Wanderers would have even had a chance of signing the Welsh legend.

Around the same time, Big Sam failed to convince Dennis Bergkamp to move up North whilst he was briefly out of contract with Arsenal.

Instead, Bolton signed Stelios & Kevin Davies that season. The rest is history.