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LOV Rewind Episode 6

It's another watchalong as Lee & Chris jump back into the 97/98 season to look back at a couple of games

Soccer - FA Carling Premiership - Bolton Wanderers v Blackburn Rovers Photo by Peter Wilcock/EMPICS via Getty Images

Join Lee and Chris in the past, when things were better (or not always as things will transpire) as we time travel back to the 1997/98 season once again. We cast our eyes over our local derby victory against Blackburn Rovers and reminisce wistfully over our relegation sealing defeat at Stamford Bridge.

Watchalong and relive the hope, the despair, the hope and then the despair again as our second premier league season is cut short, like the first time, after only one attempt.

A heroic effort is made against Chelsea’s cosmopolitan stars but the inevitable disappointment ensues.

Oh if only Per had scored after his mazy run...