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Bolton Wanderers’ European Super League Application

We have a right to be there.

Soccer - UEFA Cup - Round Of 32 - Bolton Wanderers v Atletico Madrid - Reebok Stadium Photo by Martin Rickett - PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images

Dear Sirs,

We have seen the recent news relating to a new break away European Super League (“ESL”), and it is our fervent belief that we as a club should be invited to participate in this competition.

Bolton Wanderers are a club with a rich history, being founder members of the football League and the scorers of the first league goal. This is something no other club in the competition so far can boast, so we believe we will bring the added value of a long standing history. This is particularly in contrast to the current iteration of Chelsea who were founded in 2003 and Manchester City who were reformed even more recently in 2008.

During its history the club has achieved many highs, as well as lows. The club has fallen upon hard times in recent years, this is true, but we are sure there will be plenty of sympathy amongst the teams represented by this competition for such plight. We are of the belief, as we know you all are, that our current circumstances should not overshadow our previous achievements. These historic achievements are what truly matter and are what our current standing in the game should, rightfully, be based upon.

Looking at league tables over the last few years, all of the clubs involved in this new competition have suffered the injustice of falling below their God given position in the hierarchy, and we do not doubt will sympathise with our position on this front. We particularly sympathise with Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, AC Milan and Inter Milan who have not even won a league title in ten years, or in the case of the north London sides considerably longer. This, frankly, is not fair.

Bolton Wanderers in 2008 were ranked in the top 50 in UEFA’s competition, having knocked Atletico Madrid out of the Europa League. We do not believe that it is fair and equitable that the likes of the aforementioned Atletico Madrid and Borussia Dortmund have been able to move above the club within this system. Having been there once, we fully believe that gives us the right to be there in perpetuity. Again, we know then will be plenty of sympathy for that view within the ESL ranks with so many of you missing out on your rightful place in the UEFA Champions League in recent years. Not to mention the disgraceful position of Juventus having to be knocked out of this competition by the likes of Porto.

We would like to refer to the specific example of Tottenham. If their one League Cup victory in the last 20 years is enough for them to considered a part of the European footballing elite then we submit that being the current holders of the Football League War Cup following a 2-1 victory over Chelsea in 1945 should be more than sufficient to evidence the competitive nature of our club and our rightful position at the top of the game.

In fact, Bolton Wanderers’ 2001 Division One play off final success means the club have lifted the same amount of silverware this century as Tottenham, proving we are also a huge football club, and worthy of a seat at the top table of elite European football. For the avoidance of doubt, we do not question Tottenham’s position at the top of the game, we simply believe they are an apt exemplar of Bolton Wanderers’ right to also be there.

We thank you for the time taking considering our application. We ask that you provided plenty of notice of the confirmation of our involvement within this competition so that we can make the necessary arrangements to complete the signing Kylian Mbappé.

Yours Sincerely,

Bolton Wanderers Football Club

Of course, it goes without saying that the creation of this ‘Super League’ is absolutely deplorable. The fans who have devoted their lives to supporting their team have taken a backseat in the eyes of the owners in favour of lucrative contracts and heaps of money. Just the fact that they’ve apparently referred to traditional supporters of clubs as ‘legacy fans’ is a disgrace in itself.

The wonderful thing about the Champions League and the Europa League as they are is that there’s always a chance any team can qualify given an amazing league campaign. Just look at West Ham United this season as a prime example. The likes of Fulham, Wigan Athletic, Birmingham City, Middlesbrough, Stoke City, Burnley and of course ourselves have all fortunately had that chance to compete in European competitions in the last decade or so. The mere creation of a super league just means that those dreams of smaller teams reaching those heights again will ultimately wither and die.

We’re a proud founding member of the English football league - a division that recently celebrated 133 years of existence. When there are teams struggling to stay afloat below the top flight, it’s a joke to see the rich interested in only getting richer.

PSG midfielder Ander Herrera has spoken out against the Super League & I hope other players follow suit: