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A Brief Examination of Bolton in One-Goal Games

Bolton have performed poorly in all types of matches this season, but the club's record in games decided by a single goal has been especially League One-worthy.

Bolton allow a staggering amount of shots

Bolton's defense has been bad this year, well worse than bad, really. The club has been particular poor at the prevention of goals, something that I think springs from them giving up a rather large amount of shots.

Player to Watch: Rob Hall

While Rob Hall is in his third season as a professional footballer, the young man is only nineteen going on twenty. Looking at his past performance and the current state of the Wanderers, what can we reasonably expect out of Hall this season?

Bolton's shooting boots found, stuck in the past

Bolton's strikers are clearly missing their shooting boots but they have now been found! Now, if anyone knows how to resurrect H.G. Wells, track down the Doctor, or even get in that crazy guy from Safety Not Guaranteed we can fix this problem.

Comparing Bolton's defenders through the numbers

Through three league matches the performance of Bolton's defense has been less than ideal. Which player does the statistics show has not been pulling his weight?

Penalties, points won, and points lost

The penalty in the Reading match conceded by David Wheater, which would result in a draw and cost Wanderers two points, got us thinking about how penalties effected Bolton's point total last season.

A look at the star performances by the wingers

In yesterday's Capital One Cup First Round match at Shrewsbury Town's Greenhous Meadow, Bolton Wanderers fans were treated to breakout performances for Sanmi Odelusi (age 20) and Robert Hall (age 19).

Stat breakdown: Burnley 1-1 Bolton Wanderers

The 2013/14 Bolton Wanderers are one point better than their 2012/13 counterparts were after their first match last season. Which, based on how the men in white played today, might be more than they deserved. This is a look at the numbers.

Player to Watch: David Ngog

David Ngog could be an important cog in Bolton Wanderer's attack this year. The question is, will he be David Ngoals or merely Ngood?

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