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Monday Set Pieces

Player Ratings: Liverpool 0 v 0 Bolton Wanderers

Check out Chris' choices as he runs through the ratings for each and every brave Wanderer.

Player Ratings: Sheffield Wednesday v Bolton Wanderers

Having lost just one game since the start of November Neil Lennon’s side are brimming with confidence, but how did they rate against Sheffield Wednesday?

Player ratings: Huddersfield v Bolton Wanderers

Wanderers went down to their first defeat in nine matches at Huddersfield, but how did the players rate in Yorkshire?

Wheater "Just Give The Ball to Chungy or Eidur"

Sage advice from the man with the biggest chin in world football

Player Ratings: Bolton Wanderers v Huddersfield

How did the team do against Huddersfield?

Lennon Happy With His Strikers After Wigan Win

He loves it when a plan comes together

Bournemouth, 3 Points and a Clean Sheet for Bolton

Very occasional guest contributor Michael Murray looks back on the weekend visit to the South Coast.

MOTM v Barnsley: Jay Spearing

Bolton won their third in a row Saturday at Barnsley, and despite a near meltdown just after halftime, several of the competitors for Man of the Match were on the defensive side of the ball.

This Week's Set Pieces

Let's see what we missed in the whimsical world of the Whites this past weekend.

Monday Set Pieces

In the middle of an international break, Bolton Wanderers are again undefeated for two weeks straight. How about that? Last week was a bit of a slow news week for the mighty Trotters but as the Premier League is once again around the corner, there's plenty going on in the world of the Whites.

Monday Set Pieces

How sweet it is to have beaten Stoke City by a massive 5-0 to get our first home win of the season. We covered as much as we possibly could in yesterday's match report but here's the stuff from the weekend that slipped by us like every opposition player through our defense until now.

Monday Set Pieces

Dioufy doesn't join West Ham, Coyle's last words to Bibi, the Lofthouse Exhibit, and more on this week's Monday Set Pieces.

Monday Set Pieces

It's always darkest right after a Bolton Wanderers loss, isn't it? Well here comes the Lion of Vienna Suite, carrying the torch of various links from the weekend to brighten up this cloudy (at least in Rochester, NY) Monday.

Monday Set Pieces

How much better is everything following a Bolton Wanderers win? The sky is blue, the air smells sweet, and the haters are still out in full force. I'm sorry, say what?

Monday Set Pieces

A quick news round up of everything Bolton for the past few days.

Monday Set Pieces: Links to Start the Week

The weekend after a loss to a very high-profile team means that the news is full of stories about them and not us. Fortunately, you have us to sort through the rubbish to bring you a few news stories having to deal with your mighty Wanderers in order to keep you in the loop.