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Bolton Wanderers On the Trot: Internationals

Tim Ream & the USA - Things Can Only Get Better

Neil Lennon's blood will be boiling as our St. Louis born defensive stalwart was made to traipse halfway across Europe to Scandinavia and Switzerland for two friendly internationals, only to play the princely total of one minute of football.

Globe Trotters: Wanderers international call-ups

A number of surprise call ups from the Bolton squad for the international break.

Chung-Yong Lee has gone to the Asian Cup: How will Bolton Wanderers cope?

As the Blue Dragon of Bolton departs for the Asian Cup, we take a look at some of the targets that could be brought in to fill his attacking void...

Globe Trotters: International Round Up

A round up of how our international Wanderers did this November break.

South Korea calls up Chung-Yong Lee for friendlies

Bolton Wanderers in-form midfielder will make another around the world journey during the International Break, this time for two friendlies.

Bogdan called up by Hungary before deemed fit by Bolton?

The Wanderers injured keeper is off to Budapest for two weeks. It would be interesting to hear what Neil Lennon thinks about this development.

Globe Trotters: International Round-Up

Lets see how the Wanderers who traveled the world for footballing reason this international break got on.

World Cup Round Up: Match Day 18

The penultimate day of Last 16 action treated us with yet more fascinating football.

World Cup Roundup: Match Day 17, First Game

Dennis recaps the early match between the Netherlands and Mexico.

World Cup Round Up: Match Day 14

The penultimate day of group stage action.

World Cup Round Up: Match Day 13

Yesterday's games sure had some bite!

World Cup Round Up: Match Day 12

Time for the business end of the groups!

World Cup Day 11 - Match #3, Dinner Time

Jonas finishes his culinary cheering journey in the Good Ole USA.

World Cup Day #11: Match #2 Roundup - Lunchtime

Jonas continues his culinary cheering journey with a lunchtime stop in South Korea. The cuisine was delightful, but the result favored Algeria.

World Cup Day 11: Match #1 Roundup

Jonas embarks on a culinary journey in support of three teams on World Cup Match Day 11. First up, breakfast, and Belgium vs. Russia.

World Cup Roundup: Day 10

No one ever said this game was just, and no one should. Ninety minutes of phenomenal defending can be undone by one moment of genius. German efficiency can be rendered inadequate by African ingenuity. And referees can make mistakes.

World Cup Round Up: Match Day 9

Another day, another round up

Chung-Yong plays 90 minutes in Korea draw

Bolton Wanderers' very own Lee Chung-Yong became the first player to represent Bolton Wanderers at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Hefeatured for the whole 90 minutes and played a pivotal role in South Korea's group H draw with Russia.

World Cup Round Up: Match Day 1

The first instalment of LoVS's daily round up of what happens in Brazil!

Dennis' World Cup Predictions

The last of Lion of Vienna Suite's writers finally writes out his surefire, 100%, no doubt, going to happen, predictions. Get to your bookmaker!

Michael's World Cup Predictions

Everybody is getting in on the prediction game. Let's see if Michael is better than the octopus.

Charlie's World Cup predictions

Charlie's turn to offer his pre-WC thoughts

Mark's World Cup Predictions

Now it's the turn of our old mate Mark to unleash his World Cup thoughts

World Cup Predictions

Liam gives us his predictions for the upcoming tournament. Please bear in mind these are likely to be very accurate and if you do not want the competition spoiled, please avert your eyes

Anna's World Cup Predictions

I tried really hard not to answer "Italy" or "Tim Ream" for all of these.

Chris' World Cup Predictions

Turn of the wise one....or is it

Chris T's World Cup Predictions

Check it out!

Murbroski's World Cup Predictions

Dan offers his predictions for the World Cup

Wanderers at The World Cup: Chung-Yong Lee

Only one Bolton player will be making the trip to Brazil this month. South Korea will be bringing Chung-Yong Lee to South America, but the winger is in a very different place from his 2010 trip to South Africa

On The Trot: Bolton Wanderers Internationals

Wanderers used to have anywhere from 10 to 15 players called up for international matches, but now we are down to three. Charlie checked to see how they did this week.

Tim Ream Called Up to USA Squad

Wanderers defender back on the international scene

International Wanderers: Jay-Jay Okocha

In the second of the series, Chris takes a look back at the career of our favourite Nigerian magician.